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Marie-Claude Savard

Savard, Marie-Claude

PhD candidate and lecturer

Marie-Claude Savard is a PhD candidate and management professional with twenty years of experience in the non-profit sector. For the past eleven years, she has specialized in the management of international cooperation programs, and oversaw Crossroads International’s volunteer sending program. As a PMP-accredited manager, she’s interested in how the application of Western management practices impacts Southern organisations, within the context of international aid.

Marie-Claude holds a bachelors’ degree in Anthropology from McGill University and a Masters’ degree in Project Management from UQAM (2016). In 2017, she undertook a Ph.D. in Administration, also at UQAM. Her academic and professional trajectory merges cultural anthropology and management, and her research focuses on Southern NGOs’ manifestations of autonomy in relation to their Northern counterparts. Geographically, she’s particularly interested in the context of Melanesian countries of the South Pacific, where she worked with a rural economic development organization for two years.

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