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Eric Jean

Jean, Eric

Consultant, Analyst Humanitarian International Management

Mr. Jean first began his career in political and financial development, then completed his first humanitarian mandate in Afghanistan in 2003 with Médecins du Monde Canada. He then participated in 8 other humanitarian missions for international organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and the World Health Organization. Throughout his career, he got deployed in several emergency situations where had to work with populations affected by severe humanitarian crisis either following natural disasters and armed conflicts mainly in West Africa and South-East Asia. In the course of these missions, he held several management and coordination key positions including the overall management of field operations for diversified medical activities in both safe contexts and often precarious living conditions.

Mr. Jean graduated from ÉNAP with a degree in public administration as an analyst with a specialization in international management. He oriented his studies on topics related to the management of international aid as well as crisis management. His area of studies combined to his past field experiences allowed him to write a paper analysing the failure of the intervention of NATO in Afghanistan.

Since the past few years, he also drafted a debriefing program on pre-departure intended for the MSF technical and logistic coordination team as well as a cultural and academic integration program designed to foster success of UQAM’s international students.

Finally, fascinated by communication and intercultural relations, Mr. Jean firmly believes in the development of an approach focused on the acceptance and capacity building of local populations and national NGO employees to put in place long lasting and effective solutions.

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