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Olga Navarro-Flores

Navarro-Flores, Olga

École des sciences de la gestion (ESG) UQÀM

Olga Navarro-Flores has a Bachelors degree in Economics/Co-operative Management and a Masters degree in International Cooperation which she obtained at the Université de Sherbrooke. Her masters thesis is called “A case study on women participation within a cooperative development programme in Zimbabwe” (La participation des femmes dans un programme de développement coopératif : une étude de cas au Zimbabwe).

Ms Navarro-Flores also has a PhD in administration from the Université du Québec à Montreal. Her dissertation is entitled “North-South partnerships: from paradox to compromise. An institutional approach to NGO relations within international cooperation” (Les relations de partenariat Nord-Sud : du paradoxe au compromis. Une étude institutionnaliste des relations entre ONG dans le secteur de la coopération internationale). Her doctoral dissertation was chosen by the Contemporary Economics Research Institute (IRÉC) as the best thesis in social sciences in 2007.

Ms Navarro-Flores has worked for more than twenty years as a consultant in development project management and evaluation and organisational development for medium and small businesses as well as for cooperatives, community development groups and NGOs. She has also worked as coordinator of international development programmes involving responsibilities such as programme design, planning and funding, programme implementation, evaluation and, last but not least, development of development policies for both funding and implementing agencies. These responsibilities were carried out in a diversity of contexts such as Latin America, Africa, Asia, as well as in local development across Canada. Madame Navarro-Flores is particularly interested in international project management with a focus on institutional and organisational analysis, as well as on project evaluation, gender and development issues, inter-sector partnerships, and North-South power relations. She is a professor at the Department of Management and Technology of the School of Management at UQAM.

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Conférence sur la fusion de l'ACDI et du MAECI: un succès!

Conférence sur la fusion de l'ACDI et du MAECI: un succès!

Experts associés: Olga Navarro-Flores
C'est plus de 120 personnes qui ont attentivement assisté à la conférence sur la fusion de l'ACDI et du MAECI.
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