Associate Experts

Mélanie Coutu

Coutu, Mélanie

Associated researcher

Her research interests include the Gender-based and sexual violence in developing and humanitarian context, professionalization of humanitarian workers, Canadian foreign aid policy, current reforms and dilemmas in the humanitarian system.

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Hossam Elsharkawi

Elsharkawi, Hossam

Associate Vice President, International Operations
Canadian Red Cross

Dr. Elsharkawi is Associate Vice President for International Operations at Canadian Red Cross based in Ottawa, Canada. He oversees the Red Cross strategic directions, global relations, partnerships and operations

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Granillo, Ernesto

Protection Advisor – Near and Middle East International.
Committee of the Red Cross

Ernesto Granillo joined the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in 2007.  Currently based in Amman, he serves as protection of the civilian population advisor for the Near and Middle East region. In this capacity, he is the regional focal point for thematic such as the conduct of hostilities, child protection, sexual violence, internally displaced persons, and health care in danger.

From 2012-2017, Ernesto served as the spokesperson and diplomatic advisor for peacekeeping and protection of civilians at the ICRC Delegation to the United Nations in New York. In 2014, he was assigned as A.I. protection coordinator in Afghanistan.

From 2011-12, Ernesto was designated as a conduct of hostilities advisor for the Global Affairs unit within the Protection Division at ICRC headquarters. From 2008-2011 he worked as a protection delegate in Kabul, Afghanistan with particular focus on detention matters and the coordination of the ICRC country-wide monitoring of the protection of the civilian population activities.   From 2007-08 he served as a field delegate in Florencia, Colombia. He has also served on a number of rapid deployment missions to support ICRC protection activities in emergency contexts.

Ernesto, holds a LL.M degree with distinction from Essex University in International Human Rights Law in addition to a B.A. degree in Economics and Political Science from McGill University.

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Eric Jean

Jean, Eric

Consultant, Analyst Humanitarian International Management

Mr. Jean first began his career in political and financial development, then completed his first humanitarian mandate in Afghanistan in 2003 with Médecins du Monde Canada. He then participated in 8 other humanitarian missions for international organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and the World Health Organization. Throughout his career, he got deployed in several emergency situations where had to work with populations affected by severe humanitarian crisis either following natural disasters and armed conflicts mainly in West Africa and South-East Asia. In the course of these missions, he held several management and coordination key positions including the overall management of field operations for diversified medical activities in both safe contexts and often precarious living conditions.

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Robert Letendre

Letendre, Robert


Robert Letendre has graduated in philosophy (MA-71) and in psychology (BSc-73).

At the end of his university studies, he joined the Department of External Affairs in 1973. After serving the head of the United States, Consular Affairs and French Africa, he was appointed in Paris as third secretary and chief of staff of Ambassador Gérard Pelletier. Candidate in the federal election of May 1979, he was defeated and soon joined the cabinet of the Minister of Federal-Provincial Relations, the Honorable Bill Jarvis. In the summer of 2001, he was assigned to Kinshasa in the DRC as first secretary and consul. Returning to Canada in 1983, he became, in Septembre 1984, Director of the Office of the Minister of International Development and La Francophonie, Monique Vézina. He accompanies her in his various ministerial positions until December 1988.

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Nigel Martin

Martin, Nigel

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Francis Paquette

Paquette, Francis

Francis Paquette is currently undertaking a master in political science at university of Montreal under the supervision of professor Dominique Caouette. He has 10 years working experiences in various fields including 8 years abroad in diverse countries such as Malaysia, Japan, India, Vietnam, Brazil and New Zealand. He focuses his research on topics such as the Canadian humanitarian system, religious organisation and international cooperation.

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Mario Renaud

Renaud, Mario

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Gilles Rivard

Rivard, Gilles

Mr. Rivard is born in Trois-Rivières, Québec. He has more than thirty years of experience in international relations, including almost 14 years abroad in Guinea, Costa Rica, Peru, Haïti (2) and at UN in New York.

From January to March of this year he served as a special advisor for Global Affairs Canada on peace operations in the context of the reengagement of Canada vis-à-vis United Nations.

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Patrick Robitaille

Robitaille, Patrick

Patrick Robitaille has been involved in the humanitarian aid sector since 2002, working with organizations such as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), CARE and the Red Cross. Mr. Robitaille has been deployed to countries such as Chad, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Pakistan, Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe.

He worked at the CARE Canada Headquarters as emergency program manager and also as National Association Coordinator for MSF Canada and now sits on the Board of Directors of the organization. He worked in Léogane, Haiti, as shelter program manager with the Canadian Red Cross and as Head of Sub-office for the International Federation of the Red Cross. He is now an independent consultant in the humanitarian field doing trainings and field evaluations

Mister Robitaille holds a master’s degree in Political Science and published a thesis on the impact of the media on the institutional funding in case of natural disasters.

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Philippe Ryfman

Ryfman, Philippe

Philippe Ryfman (PhD in Political Science, and Law degree holder) is an honorary professor and researcher associate at the Political Science Department and at the European Center for Sociology and Political Science (CESSP-Sorbonne), Université Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne. He has led the Master’s program, “International Cooperation, Humanitarian Action, and Development” (CIAHPD), of this academic institution. He is presently conducting research on non-governmental and humanitarian issues.

He has taught graduate and post-graduate courses on international humanitarian law and on the main issues affecting international NGOs, humanitarian action, and international careers at Université Paris I and at various french (Evry, INALCO, IEP, etc.) and foreign (Geneva, Fribourg, Abidjan, etc.) universities. He has also conducted continuous training sessions and has led series of conferences for research centers, private academic institutions, government agencies, companies, non-profit organizations and foundations. He has lectured at university symposiums and public gatherings, in France and abroad, and has taken part in various roundtables on a number of research topics.

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Jean-Pierre Taschereau

Taschereau, Jean-Pierre

Emergency Operations Dircetor

Jean-Pierre Taschereau has been a part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement since 1991. He has been engaged in various disaster response operations in Canada and overseas, including the Louisiana floods in 1995, hurricane George in Puerto Rico in 1997, the Quebec ice storm in 1998, hurricane Mitch in Guatemala and Nicaragua in 1999.

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Pierre Veronneau

Veronneau, Pierre


Pierre Véronneau, born in Montreal in 1948, is a geographer and demographer (Msc) involved in international development and cooperation for more than 40 years. He is currently a consultant in social entrepreneurship and also in economic and social development.

After being a volunteer in Burkina Faso, he worked for several years with SUCO and was co-founder of the Canadian Organization for Solidarity and Development (OCSD), two Canadian overseas intervention NGOs. From 1993 to 2013, he was the Managing Director of Oxfam-Quebec and co-founder and member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Oxfam International.

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