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Patrick Robitaille

Robitaille, Patrick

Patrick Robitaille has been involved in the humanitarian aid sector since 2002, working with organizations such as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), CARE and the Red Cross. Mr. Robitaille has been deployed to countries such as Chad, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Pakistan, Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe.

He worked at the CARE Canada Headquarters as emergency program manager and also as National Association Coordinator for MSF Canada and now sits on the Board of Directors of the organization. He worked in Léogane, Haiti, as shelter program manager with the Canadian Red Cross and as Head of Sub-office for the International Federation of the Red Cross. He is now an independent consultant in the humanitarian field doing trainings and field evaluations

Mister Robitaille holds a master’s degree in Political Science and published a thesis on the impact of the media on the institutional funding in case of natural disasters.

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